BMW R NineT Scrambler

BMW R NineT Scrambler

New opportunities open up for this BMW NineT redesigned in a Scrambler style. It's a machine made of contrasts, mixing the raw aspect of its exhaust and mudguards with the chic aspect of the leather parts we bespoke built for it. 

It's the perfect partner for those who want to ride different with a NineT.

Discover the movie shot around this machine's building.


Let's build your BMW R NineT Bobber project together, from $30,000 I Manufacturing on order, factory new motorcycle provided, guarantee protected, shipment possible all around the world.

3 to 4 months of work at the workshop are necessary to build this machine.

If you live in the USA, you can pre-order your BAAK model right now and have it at our L.A. workshop in early 2021. Let's secure your place in BAAK's Los Angeles workshop waitlist here. 

Pictures of the BMW R NineT Scrambler.